Just the Fax: Comparing eCW Cloud Fax and the NEXpbx eCW Fax Connect

Technology revolutionizes every aspect of our business, including our faxes. Earlier, we talked about how the "eClinicalWorks Fax Server Is a Great Option" for businesses looking for an eFax solution. eFax is such a great option over traditional fax machines, offering a significant performance increase and less frustration.

As such, if your company is considering eFax, there are two excellent options you might want to consider. The eCW Cloud Fax from eClinicalWorks and the NEXpbx eCW Fax Connect from NexgenTec.

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Figure 1. Fax machines do so much for business, but eFax solutions take it to the next level.  

A Menu of eFax Options

First off, the eCW Cloud Fax is a great offering. The monthly cost for the eCW Cloud Fax option is $50 per line, which covers the first 1,000 pages. After this point, each fax costs $.04 per page.

However, what if you need more than a thousand faxed pages? In that case, the NEXpbx eCW Fax Connect starts at $75 for up to 10,000 minutes.

Stepping into the Ring: A Head-to-Head Comparison

But with eCW priced in pages and NEXpbx in minutes, how do we get an apples-to-apples comparison? According to Faxage, "An average estimate is about 30-45 seconds per page." With this conversion in mind, here's the page per minute comparison:

eCW Cloud Fax
At 30 seconds/page, 1,000 pages takes 500 minutes to fax.
At 45 seconds/page, 1,000 pages takes 750 minutes to fax.
NEXpbx eCW Fax Connect ($75)
At 30 seconds/page, 10,000 minutes is 20,000 faxed pages.
At 45 seconds/page, 10,000 minutes is 15,000 faxed pages.

As such, at the conservative 45 seconds/page, 15,000 faxed pages would cost $75 from NEXpbx eCW Fax Connect, but this same amount from eCW Cloud Fax would cost $610 ($50 for the first 1,000 pages and $560 for the remaining 14,000 at $.04 per page)!

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Actual Numbers from a Real-World Example

One of our medical clients, used 4,678 minutes in February and 4,744 minutes in March. Being conservative with an estimate, this is approximately 7,017 faxes for the first month and 7,017 for the second. Because this client has out the NEXpbx eCW Fax Connect, they only spent $75 per month. But with the eCW Cloud Fax, this fax service would have cost $197.12 for February and $199.76 for March.

This client saved over $120 per month—and half the faxing potential available.

Take Away

No matter which you go for, eFax solutions are fantastic. They streamline and speed up our ability to communicate with other practices. However, deciding what eFax solution is right for your business depends on your fax usage. For businesses with hundreds of faxed pages, eCW Cloud Fax is quite a deal at $50 a month. But for businesses with thousands of pages, the NEXpbx eCW Fax Connect offers exponentially more for just $75 a month.