Bitlocker: How to Get Started

BitLocker 101

BitLocker for Windows 10 is an encryption feature that started with Windows Vista. It was made to help protect data by providing encryption for entire volumes.

If you enable BitLocker for Windows 10 it will encrypt everything on your drive that Windows is installed on. Full-volume encryption only lets people decrypt your files if they have the correct encryption key.

This gives you peace of mind that no one will be able to get into your files and information and that it is protected. You have to share your key with them before they can access anything.

Working remotely has left many companies feeling vulnerable when people are rarely in the office on a protected server. BitLocker can help you rest assured that your data is safe.




How it Works

BitLocker uses TPM or a Trusted Platform Module. Your BitLocker recovery key for your hard drive is a unique pin that only you know and will use every time you log into your computer to get access to your files.

You will also have a key that can be used if you forget your password. It is essential to save this key in a safe space that's not on the PC you're using.

This security is important to protect your company's data and bring awareness to data security to your employees. NexgenTec is an IT services company that can help you enhance your security and encryption thus securing your workflow, helping to make it disaster-proof.

Benefits of BitLocker

BitLocker is a great way to keep your company data more secure. The many benefits include:

  • Easy, user-friendly set up
  • Full-drive encryption
  • Windows native feature, so there are no additional costs or licensing
  • You can automatically save BitLocker keys and make it easy for people to share files safely

If you work at a company where you're using people's personal information, such as their address, credit card, health information, or anything involving their privacy, you should consider BitLocker. You want to make sure this information is safe at all times with no vulnerabilities.

If anything leaks or gets stolen, this could have serious consequences and be very expensive for your company. You want to take preventive action now to keep your data safe.

BitLocker Limitations

BitLocker protects against offline attacks. For complete protection you'll also want protection from online threats utilizing other technologies which include:

Configure BitLocker Today

Now that you understand BitLocker and its many benefits, you should check your Windows software and get set up. You want to make sure your company's data is protected, especially now when people are working remotely and not always on your company's safe server.

Start the easy, user-friendly setup or contact NexgenTec today with questions about our IT services and how we can protect your company's workflow.